gnu4u - advanced development environment


gnu4u is a C and C++ development environment - composed of mainly GNU and some other open source tools.

The major features are:

  • Full featured tool set of open source development tools
  • Independend of operating system (patch level)
  • Possible to install multiple versions of gnu4u in one operating system
  • Same development and runtime environment for different operating systems
  • Supported operating systems: Linux (Debian 4, Fedora Core 9), Solaris 10
  • Supported 32 and 64 bit systems


The project is hosted on sourceforge. There exists the project infrastructure as svn, bug-tracker, news and forums.


The current state of the project is beta. Currently an initial set of tools are working - even if some tests fail.


The only documentation currently available, is the Green Paper.


The source is released under GPLv2.